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If You Like It, Then You Better Put a Badge Holder On It

So school just let out (well, in most communities it’s been “out” for a while as all of you wonderful teachers transitioned to distance-learning classes on less than a moment’s notice) which means it’s time to think about…Next Year.

While many school districts are contemplating what school will look like in the coming year, and what changes you’ll be putting into place given current CDC guidelines, one thing is certain: you’ll need badge holders. 

And we know it’s not just schools! Conventions and meetings and craft fairs, you all are going to be coming back online as states start opening up for business again; while you might have to do some configuring and practice some flexibility as you work to comply with current guidelines—keep reading; we’ve got badge holders for you, too!

All Weather Zip-Seal Pouches

If you’re looking to keep bus passes, school ID cards, or any other credit-card-sized item safe and protected from the elements, you’ll want to check out these zip-seal pouches that we offer. These vinyl pouches come in vertical or horizontal orientation and have both a slot at the top for a badge clip and round holes for threading a cord or chain through. You can pair them with a nylon cord lanyard to keep your items with you all the time, or a 6” clear luggage loop to keep your ID and bus pass attached to your backpack or laptop bag. They have a simple “ziplock” closure which means waterproof protection for your important documents while also providing easy access when needed.

All-In-One Badge Holders

Our flexible vinyl All-in-One Badge holders come in multiple colors and two different sizes. They include their own 36” color-coordinated braided neck cord which adjusts for different sizes using a cord slider. These badge holders are perfect for conventions, craft fairs, competitions, and other events; the multiple colors are perfect for distinguishing various groups, tracks, or differentiating coordinators from attendees.  

Vinyl RFID/Proximity Reader ID Holder

If your employer or school uses proximity readers, you’re probably familiar with the age-old problem of having your face or print rub off your card before it’s time for a new one. One of the best ways to keep your card in good condition is to put it into one of our vinyl RFID/Proximity Reader ID Holders. These holders not only protect your ID card, but they can be coupled with a vinyl badge strap or a retractable ID holder to clip to your clothing, nylon cord lanyards to wear them around your neck, or with a 6” clear luggage loop to loop to your bag or briefcase.

Proximity Reader ID Holders also make great luggage tag holders, so if you plan to take advantage of the currently super cheap airline and cruise tickets that are happening right now, grab a couple extra vinyl ID holders and 6” clear luggage loops for your luggage! 

If you’re looking forward (full of hope and optimism) to getting some semblance of normalcy back—to traveling, to going back to school (in person), to business conventions and bake-offs and science fairs, then come visit—we’ve got everything you need for work and school!