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New Pouches for a New Season

For those of you who are familiar with our standard laminating pouch offerings, we want to introduce you to their exciting new siblings!

Adhesive-Backed Thermal Laminating Pouches. Our first in our new line of thermal laminating pouches is the Adhesive-Backed Laminating Pouches. These pouches run through your pouch laminator just like any other pouch, but once you’ve laminated your document, you can peel off the protective backing to expose adhesive.

These sticky pouches adhere to any smooth, dry surface, so you can make durable signs, 

BlockBac Anti-Bacterial Thermal Laminating Pouches. The second in our new line of thermal laminating pouches is our antibacterial pouches. Perfect for this season in which social distancing, masks, and disinfecting surfaces is common practice, these thermal laminating pouches are designed to block over 99% of bacteria. Think of how this can revolutionize menus, schedules, calendars, inventories, meal plans, and a host of other uses!

Not only are these pouches designed to block bacteria, but they’re also 100% washable, which further reduces the presence of germs for high-touch, high-traffic utilizations. 

Pouch laminating is a quick, easy way to preserve your important documents, protect them from dirt, wear and tear, and moisture, as well as allowing for reusability (a simple dry-erase marker allows you to reuse a document you created and laminated over and over). Laminating also allows you to clean and disinfect documents that may be touched by multiple people (think menus, schedules, etc). 

Pouch laminators are less expensive than roll laminators, which means they’re more accessible to more people. Pouches come in various pre-cut sizes from 2″x3″ to 12″x18″ for great flexibility, and if you can’t find a pouch in the size you need, you can always size up and then trim down after you’ve laminated your item. Most pouch laminators can accommodate documents up to at least 9” x 12”, and some can accommodate up to 13” widths.

So with that in mind, if you haven’t already added a pouch laminator to your office or home tools, you can see our machines here. If you already own a pouch laminator, get to know these new products—we promise that you’ll love them!