Retractable ID Holder


Retractable ID Holder


  • Features a metal pressure clip
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Colors: Black and Blue

The retractable ID Holder keeps your badge close to your body during normal wear, but allows you to pull it out for swiping or reading without having to physically remove the ID from its holder. The badge reel belt clips are easy to slide on and off with no damage to clothing. Each strap is fed through the slot on your ID badge or badge holder and then the button is snapped closed to secure your ID badge.  If your cards do not have a slot, the manual slot punch is a great way to add them.


The retractable badge holder features a metal pressure clip that clings to collars, pockets, and waistbands, and a concave center that’s perfect for adding your company logo, slogan, or design. Contact our office for other styles, sizes and customizing.   

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