Punching Die: Akiles Flexi Punch M or E


Punching Die: Akiles Flexi Punch M or E


  • Precision and durability
  • Multiple binding methods
  • One year warranty

Your choice of one Flexi Punch die for use with the electric FlexiPunch-E and the manual FlexiPunch-M modular punching machines:
•Comb, rectangular holes
•Wire, square holes, 2:1 pitch
•Wire, square holes, 3:1 pitch
•Coil, round holes, 4:1 pitch

These FlexiPunch dies give you the flexibility to use one machine for multiple binding methods. Simply switch out the dies any time you need to switch binding methods. These punches are built with the same precision and durability as the FlexiPunch-E, and will last for years of use.

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