Binding Machine – Electric Punch – Akiles FlexiPunch-E


Binding Machine – Electric Punch – Akiles FlexiPunch-E


  • Durable, versatile machine
  • Price includes one die set of your choice
  • One year warranty
  • Compatible die sets (purchased separately)

Electric punch with interchangeable die

•Punch capacity: up to 20 pages (20 pound paper)
•Pitch: choose 4:1 coil, 3:1 wire, 2:1 wire, comb


  1. All metal construction—gives long-term durability
  2. Heavy duty motor & gearbox—provides durability and power for high-volume applications
  3. Interchangeable die with Quick Change Design—provides flexibility of use with different binding methods and hassle-free change-over
  4. Fully disengageable pins—accommodates many different paper sizes without awkward mid-margin punches
  5. Adjustable punch margin—allows user to select punch margin depth appropriate for project
  6. Open sided punch tray—accommodates longer pages
  7. Auto reverse feature—helps reduce jams


The Akiles FlexiPunch-E electric modular punch with interchangeable die (sold separately) is a true two-for-one deal. With the purchase of one machine and compatible die sets (purchased separately), you can punch 4:1 coil, 2:1 or 3:1 wire, and/or comb. You can also purchase additional modules that can further expand the FlexiPunch-E’s capabilities. With a heavy duty motor set into all-metal construction, you’ll never have to worry about how long your machine is going to last, or whether or not it’ll be able to handle your project—you can just rest assured it’s going to work. If you’re looking for a durable, versatile machine, choose the Akiles FlexiPunch-E electric modular punch.

Learn More

Akiles FlexiPunch-E User Manual
Manufacturer’s brochure for the Akiles FlexiPunch-E

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