Velo Binding Machine – SecureBind V3000-Pro

Velo Binding Machine – SecureBind V3000-Pro


• Max punch capacity: up to 25 sheets (20 pound paper)
• Max binding thickness: up to 3″ (20 pound paper)
• Max binding length: 14″


  1. 2 handle manual punch—for easier operation
  2. Hot knife system—for durable, secure bindings
  3. Split function capability—punching and binding parts can be separated for increased efficiency
  4. Adjustable side margins—to avoid awkward half-punches off the page margins
  5. LED light display—shows machine progress and allows user to know when project is bound


The SecureBind V3000-Pro is designed for efficiency, from the two-handle punch that allows you to punch either horizontally or vertically, to the split function capability that allows you to use the punch and the binder separately, the SecureBind V3000-Pro just makes work faster! The hot knife system securely binds the velo strips while also neatly removing the extra length on the pins. The LED light display lets you know when the machine has completed the binding process so you can remove your document. Bindings are durable and secure with very little user effort. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, efficient Velo Binding machine, the SecureBind V3000-Pro is a great option!

This velo binding machine comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.