Laminating Film: Premium Grade-Clear 1″ core

Laminating Film: Premium Grade-Clear 1″ core


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  • Highest Quality for specialty items with Heavy ink coverage
  • Designed for two-sided laminating
  • Mils: 1.7, 3, 5, 10 (16 size options)
  • Temperature: 220-260 degrees
  • Combine sizes and mil weights for maximum quantity discounts
Quantity Discounts on 10 or More Rolls!

Premium roll laminating film is the choice for professional applications. Premium film is designed to feel thicker and more sturdy; it won’t fog, cloud, or peel, and is perfect for specialty items and paper with heavy ink coverage. This film is compatible to work with most thermal roll laminators.

Film weights: 1.7 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil & 10 mil.
Premium laminating film is meant to run between 220º and 260º, but please check your roll laminator’s user manual for specific temperature instructions.



Because roll laminators require two rolls of film to operate, we package our rolls of film two to a package.
Rolls are priced per roll, but you must order in increments of two.


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