Binding Machine – Manual Punch & Comb Binder

Binding Machine – Manual Punch & Comb Binder


  • Comb binding system
  • Affordable solution for light use environments
  • Perfect for those who mainly bind letter-sized documents
  • One year warranty

Manual Punch & Comb Binder – Alpha Bind CM 

•Binding capacity: up to 2”
•Punch capacity: up to 25 sheets (20 pound paper)


  1. Open punch sides—accommodates longer documents
  2. Fully disengageable pins—allows punching of all paper sizes and avoids awkward mid-margin punches
  3. Side margin control—allows user to center punches down spine regardless of document size
  4. Punch margin control—allows user to adjust punch-margin depth for comb size to allow documents to open more easily and to make documents more durable
  5. Large waste drawer—allows user to spend less time emptying chip tray


The AlphaBind-CM manual comb binding system, similar to the AlphaBind-CE, is designed for small office and home use, and is perfect for those who mainly bind letter-sized documents. With fully disengageable die pins, side and depth controls, and a large waste compartment, the AlphaBind-CM is the perfect, affordable solution for light use environments. If you’re looking for a simple-to-use comb binder with all the features that you need, check out the Akiles AlphaBind-CE.

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Akiles AlphaBind-CM user manual
Akiles AlphaBind-CM manufacturer brochure

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