Comb Binding Opener – HD4470

Comb Binding Opener – HD4470


  • Durable, modular comb opener
  • Binding capacity: up to 2”
  • All metal construction
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

The Rhin-o-tuff Onyx HD4470 comb opener is a durable, modular comb opener designed for either stand-alone use or as a mounted addition to any of our OD or HD punches. This comb opener can bind documents up to 14” long and 2” thick. For maximum efficiency, the HD 4470 features a fully adjustable ring opener control which allows the user to maintain the same opener settings when binding multiple copies of the same document. If you’re looking for a comb opener that will make the binding process easier, faster, and more efficient, consider the Onyx HD4470.


  1. Adjustable ring opener control—ability to duplicate the same comb opening positions
  2. Stand-alone or mounted use—multiple options for use based on production and user needs
  3. All metal construction—for durability
  4. Shipping weight: 18 lbs. 10″ (h) x 23″ (w) x 15″ (D)

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