Pouch Laminator – Akiles Pro-Lam Photo

Pouch Laminator – Akiles Pro-Lam Photo


  • Throat capacity: 13"
  • Heat range: 32–320º
  • Max pouch thickness: 10 mil
  • Max laminating thickness: 1 mm
  • Laminating speed: variable
One year manufacturer warranty

The ProLam Photo pouch laminator is specially designed for laminating sensitive materials such as photos. It has six silicon-coated rollers and our unique “Flex-Tite” system which allows the rollers to automatically adjust to varying material thicknesses. The easy-to-read LED display allows for quick and easy temperature and speed adjustments and the metal gears and industrial motor mean that you’re going to be using this machine for a really, really long time! If you’re looking for a quality-built pouch laminating machine that’s easy to use and full of features, you’re going to want to loook at the Akiles ProLam Photo pouch laminator.

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Akiles ProLam Photo user manual
Manufacturer brochure for Akiles ProLam Photo


  1. 4 heated rollers + 2 cold rolls—for crystal clear, bubble-free lamination
  2. Silicone rollers—allows laminating with or without a carrier
  3. Advanced Photo-Ready technology—balances heat dissipation during laminating for perfect results on hard-to-laminate materials like photos
  4. Variable speed & temp control—eliminates warm-up wait typically needed when changing pouch thickness
  5. Self-adjusting rollers—allows rollers to maintain proper pressure while adjusting to different thicknesses
  6. Stand-by mode—conserves energy and lengthens machine life
  7. Overheat protection—cuts machine power if heat rises above 160º
  8. Reverse switch—Easily release jams
  9. All metal construction—for durability
  10. Safety ratings & quality control—CE & TUV certified & approved

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