Binding Machine – Electric Punch & Inserter CoilMac EX+



Heavy-duty electric punch & inserter

•Binding capacity: up to 1” (electric), 2” (manual)
•Punch capacity: up to 25 sheets (20 pound paper)
•Pitch: oval holes, 4:1 pitch


The Akiles Coil Mac EX Plus is an all electric, all-in-one binding machine perfect for larger office applications. This coil binder features durable, all-metal construction, six height-adjustable non-skid metal feet, a double-roller coil inserter for fast and easy coil insertion, and an open sided punch and continuous punch guide for punching longer documents up to 26” long. The electric reverse features helps reduce jams while the extra-high-capacity chip tray means more time binding and less time emptying the chip tray. If you’re looking for efficiency and durability in an easy-to-use machine, then the Akiles Coil Mac EX Plus is the machine you want!

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Manufacturer’s video of the CoilMac-EX Plus in action
Akiles CoilMac-EX Plus User Manual
Manufacturer’s brochure for the CoilMac-EX Plus

  • Features

    All metal construction—gives long-term durability
    Foot Pedal Switch—gives user full use of both hands for aligning pages
    Super strength punch mechanism with exclusive “Precision Guiding System” blade set—guarantees sharp, clean punches every time
    Industrial grade roller motor—three times heavier than other machines in its class, built for durability and speed
    Full length heavy-duty electric coil inserter with double roller mechanism—provides exceptional friction and makes this machine one of the easiest to use
    Electric reverse function—helps prevent jams
    54 disengageable pins—accommodates many different paper sizes and avoids awkward mid-margin punches
    Side margin control—allows for perfectly centered punches on all document sizes
    Punch margin controls—allows user to adjust punch-margin-depth for coil size to allow
    Open punch sides and continuous punch guide—accommodates longer documents and makes alignment easier
    U-shaped alignment channel—assists in shaping the spine of larger documents for easier coil insertion
    Oval holes—allows for faster coil insertion
    Extra large capacity waste drawer—allows user to spend less time emptying chip tray
    Safety ratings & quality control—CE certification for most stringent safety requirements
    4:1 pitch—gives 44 evenly-centered holes on an 11” sheet of paper
    Crimper and holder—comes with a premium crimper and holder for convenience
    This coil binding machine comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 18 × 10 in


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