Pouch Laminator -Akiles Pro-Lam Plus 330



•Throat capacity: 13″
•Max pouch thickness: 10 mil
•Max laminating thickness: 1 mm
•Laminating speed: 23″/min


  1. Silicone rollers—allows laminating with or without a carrier
  2. Dual heat system—heated rollers and heat plates allow for more efficient lamination
  3. Electronic circuit & gradual temp control—allows for frequent changing of pouch thickness without extensive down-time
  4. Heat/cold switch—allows hot or cold laminating
  5. Reverse switch—easily release jams


The Akiles ProLam Plus 330 is the big brother to the ProLam 160 and is designed for laminating anything up to 13″ wide. The silicone-coated rollers are designed to run either with or without a carrier for ultimate flexibility and allows balanced heat distribution for clear and bubble-free results, even on photos and ink-jet printouts. Indicator lights make it easy to determine when the machine is up to heat and ready to go, and the heat/cold switch allows for either hot or cold laminating. If you want a flexible pouch laminator perfect for laminating letter-sized items or smaller, take a look at the Akiles ProLam Plus 330.

This pouch laminator comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Learn More

Akiles ProLam Plus 330 user manual
Manufacturer brochure for Akiles ProLam 330

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 10 × 7 in


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