Electric Coil Inserter with Built-In Crimper

Electric Coil Inserter with Built-In Crimper



  1. Adjustable bottom rollers—accommodates coils up to 50mm
  2. Automatic mode selector sensor—Uses the machine’s built-in sensor to switch foot pedal operation between “Insert” and “Crimp” automatically
  3. Built in electric crimper—Allows smooth transition between insertion and finishing
  4. Adjustable crimper head—accommodates multiple coil sizes
  5. Foot pedal operation—for hands-free use
  6. U-shaped alignment channel—properly forms the spine of larger diameter documents for faster, easier insertion
  7. Synchronized roller/crimper adjustment—allows user to quickly set both the roller position and the crimper angle
  8. Built-in measurements—allows user to verify coil diameter, select correct coil diameter for document size, and determine coil pitch effortlessly


The Akiles Finish@Coil-E1 is built for speed, ease, and efficiency. With its automated processes, built in electric crimper, automatic mode selector sensor, and adjustable rollers and crimper, the Akiles Finish@Coil-E1 will keep your production line clipping along smoothly. The foot pedal operation allows the operator to keep his hands free, and the automatic mode selector sensor automatically switches the foot pedal operation between “insert” and “crimp,” allows the operator to spend less effort overall. If you need high performance for high volume workflow, you need the Akiles Finish@Coil-E1.

This product comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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