Slot Punch

Slot Punch


  • Compact design
  • Punch capacity: 16 sheets (20 pound paper)
  • Punch function: oval
  • 90-day manufacturer warranty

The Akiles slot puncher is both efficient and economical. Its steel construction ensures that it’ll be working for years to come, and the adjustable slide and depth guides will allow perfect slot placement every time. The Akiles slot puncher can handle up to 16 sheets of 20 lb paper, 1.2mm thick soft PVC material and .8mm hard PVC material. And don’t worry about the mess–the removable chip tray will keep the chips tidy until you’re ready to discard them.


  1. Compact design—for easy storage and easy use
  2. Oval hole—perfect for many different applications
  3. Adjustable slide guide—for easy horizontal centering
  4. Adjustable depth margin guide—for easy vertical centering
  5. Steel construction—for durability

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