Shrink Wrap System


  • 14 in
  • 26 in
  • 35 in
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  • Multiple models and sizes available depending on your needs
  • Models with cutters available (note: cutter models accommodate widths 2” shorter than the sealing length because the cutter stops 5/8” short of the seal end.


  1. All steel construction–for durability and stability
  2. Roller film dispenser–for easier, faster production
  3. Built-in AC outlet–only one 110v outlet needed for entire system
  4. Complete isolation circuitry–for safety


I-Bar sealers are used for applying shrink wrap products. The heated bar (for models with the sealer built in) seals the open ends of the packaging, and then a separate heat gun is used to shrink the polyolefin or PVC wrap so that it closely adheres to your product, creating a beautiful, professional finish that is dirt, moisture, and tamper resistant.

Depending on the model, I-Bar sealers may include a cutter (blade included), heat gun holder, and/or timer. Film and heat gun are sold separately.

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14 in, 26 in, 35 in


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