Paper Trimmer – Akiles Roll@Blade

Paper Trimmer – Akiles Roll@Blade


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  • Trimming Length: 18" or 36"
  • Crisp, clean cut with one smooth swipe
  • Cutting capacity: up to 2mm thick
  • One year manufacturers warranty
Consistent, sharp cut every time!

The Akiles Roll@Blade rotary trimmer features a self-sharpening tungsten steel blade and premium quality components. The Roll@Blade comes in 18” and 36” blade sizes. The work area contains grids for easy alignment of materials, and can accommodate a wide range of materials, including plastic, vellum, aluminum foil, vinyl, polypropylene and polyethylene, leather, and veneer.




Self-sharpening Tungsten steel rotary blade
Argonomic metal blade carriage
Twin sliding poles
Transparent clamping bar
Side guide & adjustable depth guide
Extra wide work table with grid ruler



Weight and dimensions:
18″ – 15 lbs. 26″ x 19″ x 4″
Shipping: 18 lbs. 29″ x 22″ x 7″

Weight and Dimensions:
36″ – 21 lbs. 44″ x 19″ x 4″
Shipping: 28 lbs. 49″ x 23″ x 7″

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