Roll Laminator – Phoenix 2700-DH

Roll Laminator – Phoenix 2700-DH


  • Laminating width: up to 27”
  • Film gauges: 1.5 mil & 3 mil
  • Film core size: 1” and 2.25”
  • Speed: variable, up to 6 feet per minute
  • One year manufacter warranty
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The Phoenix 2700-DH Dual Heat Education Model Roll Laminator with its multiple safety features and compact design make it ideal for use in schools and larger offices. The quick warm-up time, silicone-coated heated rollers, and easy-to-align top and bottom rolls mean less time spent setting up and performing maintenance. The chain & sprocket drive and rugged metal components make this roll laminator durable and dependable. If you’re looking for a roll laminating machine that is both economical and feature rich, then take a look at the Phoenix 2700-DH Education Model Roll Laminator.


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  1. Variable speed—adjustable speeds to allow best results with different film thicknesses
  2. Adjustable tension—for optimal results on any material
  3. Clear safety shield—allows user to see their work and reduces injuries by not running when shield is removed
  4. Reverse switch—for clearing misfeeds
  5. Auto shut off—turns off after three hours of non use for increased safety and energy savings
  6. Auto standby mode—automatically enters standby mode after thirty minutes of non use and holds temp at 176º for two hours
  7. Silicone heated rollers—for easier cleaning
  8. Easily aligned top and bottom rollers—for simpler installation and consistent results
  9. Dimensions: 36.5″ (L) x 16″ (H) x 18″ (W)
  10. Weight: 120 lbs. 

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