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Are you using the right film?

Laminating film is available in School Grade, General Purpose and Premium Grade.  Depending on your application you will need to choose one of these options. Schools most commonly use School Grade or General Purpose film to laminate teaching materials, posters and visuals. If you are looking for more rigidity or your document is going to be frequently handled, you might consider choosing a heavier gauge of film, like General Purpose.  Premium film is used for specialty items with heavy ink coverage. Remember to check your laminator to make sure that it can handle the thickness of film that you choose. A lot of school laminators are only capable of laminating documents with the lighter film weights. 

School Grade film is a Hi-Quality, low cost alternative film, ideal for porous paper stock and will adhere to light to medium ink coverage materials.

General Purpose film bonds well to copies and inkjet papers, works best and adheres to light or medium ink coverage materials.

Premium film is  a quality film that won’t cloud, fog or peel and is composed to offer a thicker feel. Works best on medium to heavy ink coverage materials. 

Always refer to your roll laminator manual for film thickness.

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Popp Binding & Laminating has a new website!

Whew! We’ve just finished overhauling our site to give our customers a better online experience.

If you’re already one of our customers and haven’t created an account on our new site yet, please take the time to sign up now.

Here are just some of the new features we hope will make using our site more enjoyable:

  • Better overall organization
  • View future on-line order history
  • Search products by product description or SKU
  • Enhanced shipping options:
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  • Schools: Net 30 with a Purchase Order Number

We’ve got more great things planned. Check back soon.

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