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DIY Post: Make a Hanging Calendar

A company-branded calendar is a great marketing tool! Hand it out to your customers and clients, and they’ll see your name on every day, every month, every year. It’s also a fantastic yet under-rated piece of swag for employees (pre-mark important days like paydays, company holidays, meetings, deadlines to make sure everyone’s on the same page). In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make your own calendar so you can put your company out front and showcase your brand with very little effort.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Pre-printed calendar pages

  2. ¼” double loop wire

  3. Wire calendar hanger

  4. Half-moon punch

  5. Wire snips

  6. Double loop wire binding machine: (we recommend the Akiles Wire Mac)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather up your calendar pages—you’ll need one for each month of the year. Mark the center of the long edge of your pages where your binding will go on the finished project.

  2. Using your half-moon punch, punch out a divot right over the center mark on each page. Make sure you punch the front and back covers, too. This is where your calendar hanger will sit.

  3. If your binding machine has disengageable die, now is the time to use that feature by disengaging the middle two die where your divot was punched. Now slide the long edge of your calendar pages (where the binding will go) into your double loop wire binding machine and punch holes just as you would with any other document.

  4. Collate your pages. Once collated, flip the back cover the front cover (this will hide your seam inside the document, giving it a more professional finish).

  5. Place your wire into the wire holder on your machine per your user manual and slide your pages onto it face down.

  6. Get your wire calendar hanger and slide it into the center of your calendar above the divot that you punched in step 2.

  7. Close your wires using either a separate wire closer or the closer on your binding machine, if it has one.

  8. Grab your wire snips and cut the two wires in the center of your calendar where your half-moon is punched.

  9. Flip your back cover to the back again and pull your wire calendar hanger up.

That’s it.

With just a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful, professional-looking calendar to distribute to your favorite clients, employees, or maybe your family and friends. Now, just stand back and admire your work.