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Permanent Paper

Permanent Paper is a white matte polyester paper specifically designed for high heat laser printers and photocopiers. Permanent paper produces excellent image quality that can withstand and last in the harshest environments. It is tear‐resistant, waterproof and heat stable while running just like paper. When strength and toughness are needed, Permanent Paper is your solution. (50 and 100 count)
Please check your owner’s manual for the maximum thickness your copier can handle.
Not for use in inkjet printers!

Performance Features
•Prints like regular paper
•Weatherproof and greaseproof
•Doesn’t shrink or swell in heat or cold
•Solvent, chemical, blood and sweat resistant
•Perfs and punches beautifully
•High resistance to tearing, fading and scuffs
•Can be written on in pen/pencil, even after imaging
•Very high melt point 450° allows for use on wide range of equipment

Outdoor Signage •Menus, Greeting Cards •Instruction manuals•ID Cards, Tags & Badges•Maps & Charts
•Rulers, Bookmarks•Golf Score Cards•Business Cards•Luggage & Plant Tags•Advertising Displays