Corner Rounder – Akiles Diamond-7

Corner Rounder – Akiles Diamond-7


•Cutting capacity: 2.75″


  1. Safety cover—protects users’ fingers during operation
  2. Patented die design—micro-adjustable lower die and patented upper die allow for smooth and accurate cuts
  3. Detachable pressing bar—easily removes for knife changes
  4. Tool & scrap box—built-in storage bins and scrap bin for a cleaner work space
  5. Interchangeable dies—accommodates all your punching and corner rounding needs
  6. Manual & auto mode—switch between user’s preferred punch method with the flip of a switch


The industrial-grade Akiles Diamond-7 Electric Corner Rounder is designed for hard work. Put it through its paces, throw anything at it, and it will rise to the challenge. The protective safety cover will keep user’s hands and fingers safe, and the detachable pressing bar is attached to hold stacks of paper in place and detaches to make changing blades easier. The Diamond-7 features a large work area and multiple storage compartments for tools and accessories, as well as a variety of different blades. If you need a heavy-duty, industrial-strength corner rounder with the versatility of interchangeable blades, the Akiles Diamond-7 Electric Corner Rounder is a great choice!

This electric corner rounder comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.