Why are my laminated items getting severe wrinkles in them?

If you see severe wrinkles on both sides of your laminated items, you probably have neglected to close and lock your laminating rollers. Check your roller opening/closing controls.

You may also get wrinkles if your rolls aren’t tensioned properly. All laminators need a certain amount of resistance as the supply roll unwinds—this keep the film lying flat as it feeds through the rollers.

If the top of your document is unwrinkled but the bottom has a lot of bubbles and wrinkles, then check that your bottom idler is threaded per your user manual’s directions. If you’ve checked your rollers and your idler but you’re still having difficulties, here are three more suggestions:

      1. Make sure the film path is correct for both the top and bottom webs

      2. Make sure the film is threaded around both the top and bottom idlers

      3. Make sure the machine is up to temperature before running items through