Thermal Binder – Pro-Bind 1000

Thermal Binder – Pro-Bind 1000


  • Binding thickness capacity: up to 3/4"
  • Binding width capacity: 11" x 8-1/2"
  • Hardcover & softcover? Yes
  • Small, lightweight, portable and easy to use
One year manufacturer warranty

The Pro-Bind 1000 thermal binding machine is small, light, and portable—perfect for small offices and personal use. The simple one-button operation ensures that literally anyone can use the Pro-Bind 1000 with minimal effort, and the factory heat settings mean user error is nearly impossible. This perfect binding machine has multiple binding channels, meaning you can bind more than one book at a time. When not in use, the machine enters energy-saving mode, resulting in lower energy consumption. 

Don’t forget to purchase a Pro-Bind Hardcover Crimper with your Pro-Bind 1000!

Learn More

Manufacturer’s video of the Pro-Bind 1000 in action
Additional manufacturer video
Pro-Bind 1000 User Manual
Manufacturer’s brochure 
Spine size chart


One touch operation—for simple operation
Built-in cooling rack—for space efficiency
Multiple bind channels—for time efficiency
Energy saving mode—reduces costs and energy use
Factory heat settings—for reduced user error

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