Binding Machine -Manual Punch with Comb Binder & Wire Closer



Manual Punch & Comb Binder

•Binding capacity: up to 2”
•Punch capacity: up to 25 sheets (20 pound paper)


  1. Double-handle system—allows more efficient work flow by allowing user to punch and bind simultaneously or independent of each other
  2. Built-in wire closer—for additional functionality, allows user to also bind 19-loop metal wires
  3. Continuous binding control—allows user to bind longer documents (from left side only)
  4. Fully disengageable die—allows punching of all paper sizes and avoids awkward mid-margin punches
  5. Side margin control—allows user to center punches down spine regardless of document size
  6. Punch margin control—allows user to adjust punch-margin depth for comb size to allow documents to open more easily and to make documents more durable


The Akiles MegaBind-2 is a durable, all-in-one comb binding machine that is built to work. With a manual punch, built in comb and wire opener, this one machine will do everything you need to produce beautiful comb-bound documents. The double-handle system gives the user freedom to choose whether to punch and open simultaneously or individually, allowing optimal efficiency. If you want a versatile, heavy-duty manual comb binding machine, then the Akiles MegaBind-2 is a great option for you.

This machine comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Learn More

Akiles MegaBind-2 user manual
Akiles MegaBind-2 manufacturer brochure


Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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