Laminating Film – Matte Smooth Touch


Laminating Film – Matte Smooth Touch


  • Premium ultra matte film
  • Preserves image color
  • Scuff and scratch-resistant finish
  • 2 film options
  • Combine Sizes and Styles for maximum quantity discounts
Quantity Discounts on 10 or More Rolls!

Smooth Touch Film is a durable, ultra-matte finish thermal roll laminate film that minimizes glare while preserving image color. It is one of the most popular finishes available in the printing market, creating a luxurious appearance that engages the user and increases the perceived value of the finished product.  A premium ultra-matte film with a velvet feel is perfect for prestigious applications. Pricing Link: Film Matte 1 inch-P

The abrasion-resistant surface won’t scuff or scratch during production or shipping, resulting in fewer returns. The result is an increase in sales coupled with higher margins for a premium product. The suede feel of the finish is soft and subtle, taking your finished product to a different level. 



Core: 1″
Finish: Matte
Adhesive: In
Priced per roll
Minimum order 2 rolls

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