Binding Machine – Akiles AlphaCoil-E

Binding Machine – Akiles AlphaCoil-E


  • Beautifully coil bind documents in one sleek package
  • Allows for efficient binding and reduces user fatigue
  • Powerful electric punch motor and inserter roller
  • One year warranty

All-In-One Electric Coil Binding System

•Binding capacity: up to 1” (electric) or 2” (manual)
•Punch capacity: up to 20 sheets (20 pound paper)
•Pitch: Round holes, 4:1 pitch


The Akiles AlphaCoil-E All-in-One Electric Coil Binding System is everything you need to beautifully coil bind documents in one sleek package. Featuring a powerful electric punch motor and inserter roller, the Akiles AlphaCoil-E does it all, so you don’t have to; that means less user fatigue and more productivity. This all-in-one coil binding machine can punch up to 20 sheets at one time, and both the punch and the electric coil inserter are controlled by a foot pedal so you can keep your hands free for other things, like positioning your pages; a simple switch toggles between the punch and inserter modes. If you prefer, you can also engage the manual punch button and punch the pages without the help of the electric motor. The Akiles AlphaCoil-E features 46 fully disengageable die pins, allowing completely customizable hole positioning. To finish off your document, you can use the premium crimper which is included with each machine. The Akiles AlphaCoil-E is everything you’ll need to coil bind your documents in one sleek package at one low price.

Learn More

Manufacturer’s video of the Akiles AlphaCoil-E in action
Akiles AlphaCoil-E User Manual
Manufacturer’s brochure for the AlphaCoil-E

All electric operation—allows for efficient binding and reduces user fatigue
Foot Pedal Switch—gives user full use of both hands for aligning pages
Manual punch button—allows user to switch to manual punch if preferred
Electric coil inserter—allows for faster, more efficient coil insertion
Operation mode switch—allows user to toggle foot pedal controls between punch and insert modes
46 disengageable pins—accommodates many different paper sizes and avoids awkward mid-margin punches
Punch margin control—allows user to adjust punch-margin-depth for coil size to allow documents to open more easily and to make documents more durable
Side margin control—allows user to center punches down spine regardless of document size
Crimper and holder—comes with a premium crimper and holder for convenience
Waste drawer—allows user to easily contain and dispose of chips with no mess

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