Ledco Educator—25” Roll Laminator



25” Roll Laminator:     Note:  This unit is currently on backorder until December 2019.

•Laminating width: up to 25”
•Max film gauge: 5 mils per side
•Film core size: 1”
•Max film roll diameter: 5.5”
•Speed: fixed, 4 feet per minute


Preset lamination pressure and speed—reduces the number of places that can cause issues and makes the machine easier to use

  1. Enclosed laminating and pull rollers—reduces jams and wrap-arounds
  2. Forced air cooling—allows for laminating with a wider range of film thicknesses
  3. Fixed position lamination rollers—provides uniform roll pressure
  4. Attached clear safety shield—allows user to see their work and reduces injuries
  5. Reverse switch—for clearing miss feeds
  6. Adjustable heat control—allows laminating with a wider range of film thicknesses
  7. Supply roll tension knobs—allows tension adjustment
  8. Separate safety cutter—allows safer means of cutting work off back of machine
  9. Slitter option—reduces trimming time on same-size pieces
  10. Manufactured in the USA—users will get better service, better quality, and better parts availability


The Ledco 25” Educator Laminator was designed with input from educators and media specialists to be simple and safe to use, while still accommodating the high work volume that teachers require. With multiple safety features including an attached clear polycarbonate safety shield and a separate safety cutter, this machine allows quick, efficient work while reducing user injuries. Forced air cooling and adjustable heat control allow the Ledco 25” Educator Laminator to run 1.5 mil film, 3 mil film, and 5 mil film, making it versatile enough for most projects. Don’t think, however, that with all of its features and versatility, this roll laminator is going to be complicated to use, because it’s not; the Ledco 25” Educator Laminator was made for simplicity! If you need a roll laminator that can handle just about anything you need to do, is flexible, yet easy to use, then you want the Ledco 25” Educator Roll Laminator

This Roll Laminator comes with a two year manufacturer warranty.

Learn More

Ledco 25” Educator Laminator user manual
Ledco 25” Educator Laminator film threading diagram
Ledco 25” Educator Laminator manufacturer video

Additional information

Weight 83 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 16 × 18 in


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